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Year 5 Residential 2016

Huge excitement! We have arrived! Please check back for updates and we will do our best to update this page every evening. Don't forget to check Twitter @HW_Junior

Day 1

We arrived and went to our rooms to unpack. We then had a talk in the Great Chamber and went to the snuffle hole for our lunch. It was delicious! We then separated into two groups to go beach combing. We walked along the beach finding lots of different shells and then found out some facts about each one. It was a long walk but really interesting as we got to learn about seashells. We even found out about the Victorian dressing room which was a small round building on the edge of the beach. When we returned we had free time which was when we got to play on the adventure playground, in the games room which has ping pong and pool, as well as on the football pitch. After that we started our house groups where we all have been given a song to practise ready to perform on Thursday night. It was then time for dinner and evening class time (you may be receiving a postcard from us!). Overall we say what an amazing start to our week in Stubbington. 

By Adam,Issac,Madeline, Ollie and Leo


Supper time and our first birthday celebration of the week. Can you spot the surprise visitor?

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Day 2
It was another beautiful sunny day in Stubbington. After a large breakfast, we started working in our day groups completing different activities. 
Building shelters
We worked in teams to build shelters which would keep us dry and protect us from animals. We had to use a mixture of cut wood,twigs and branches from fir trees. The teachers tested our shelters by throwing water over them to see which offered the best protection. For this activity it was vital that we worked together in our teams to come up with a plan and then adapt our plans to make our shelters the best they could be. Everyone got a little wet!
Another activity which depended on strong team work was orienteering which involved us using our map skills to find ten different bird names which were hidden around the site. We found it tricky to find some of the clues which were hidden and had to demonstrate resilience and perseverance in order to read the maps successfully. We found out about different map symbols and the acronym LOST which would help us to find our way if we were lost. Can you think what each letter stands for? 
We became nature detectives when we were set the task of finding evidence of animals in the conservation area. In groups, we had to work together to look for clues showing us that animals had visited. We found a variety of different holes where animals live, some amazing marks on trees which had been made by animals, wings and even a badger bog!
Mammal hotel
We thought about what environment a mammal would like to live in so that we could set up our small mammal hotel. We decided to fill our hotel with straw, apple slices to provide a drink, food, sultanas (which we are told the mice love) and then we attached the corridor. Once our mammal hotels were ready we visited the conservation area and hid them inside black pipes which we then camouflaged so that the squirrels don't find them! Check this space tomorrow to see what we found. 
Eggstreme Challenge
One of our groups was today set a challenge to launch an egg out of a catapult and see how far it could travel without breaking.

Last night one of our groups visited the hide. Ollie,Finley and George reported that the group saw a badger fighting with a fox, five other foxes and a woodmouse. 

Tonight a different group will be visiting the hide. Check back tomorrow to see what they saw. 


Our second day has been amazing and we're looking forward to our activities tomorrow. 

By Kelsie,George,Poppy,Kimmy and Finley. 

Day 3
Another birthday today and more cake for us! Happy birthday Issac :)

Last night we saw 2 badgers and at least 3 foxes. They were feeding in front of the hide. We had to sit very quietly so that we didn't disturb them. 

Mammal hotels (group A and B)
Two groups opened their mammal hotels today. Altogether we found 8 female long tailed field mice and 1 vole. We had a study session where we learnt lots of facts about our small mammals and took some measurements. We then set them free in the area where we found them. 

Earthquake (group A)
We had to work as a team to try and get a number of pieces of equipment across a complicated obstacle course.  We had to listen to ideas from everyone in our group and share ideas to work out the best way across.  It was really important that we respected the ideas of others and demonstrated responsibility in our different roles.  Whilst we were going around the course a fox visited us. 

By Tom, Evie, Prerana and Jacob. 

Eggstreme Challenge (group B)
We were trying to make our eggs not break. In order to do that we had to buy materials from completing tough challenges which relied on teamwork. We wrapped our egg up in the materials that we bought using our counters and then catapulted them across the field. When we opened them up at the end we found that none of our eggs had broken. It was egg-cellent!

By James, Rowan,Sapphire, Owen and Amy

Orienteering (group C)
We had a compass each and had to follow a very specific set of instructions to find clues. The clues were all animals and letters; each time we found one there were directions on the back telling us where the next clue was. It was certainly challenging. 

By Hayden, Chloe and Charlie. 

Animal tracks group C
We had to find evidence that there were animals in the conservation area by looking for poo, scratches, footprints, bitten food, pathways, their homes and snuffle holes. We found a fox hole and badger scratches. We also saw a fox track through a chalky area. It was an amazing experience. 

We are going to play a detective game tonight after our classroom study time. Also, another group will be visiting the hide after supper.

By Ted, Edward, Alex and Arthur.

Day 4

Today will be our final post from Stubbington. We have spent lots of time this week updating the webpage so that you can get an idea of the types of activities we have been taking part in; our statistics show that we have had 1136 page views to date which is brilliant! We hope you have enjoyed having a look and that the information helps when discussing the week with your child.


Today the groups swapped around so that each group had a go during the week at earthquake (groups b and c) small mammal study (group c), eggstreme challenge (group a) and orienteering (groups a and b).


Tonight we are going to be performing our group songs which we have been rehearsing all week.  


Tomorrow morning we have an activity called, "Stubbington Fox," and then we will be clearing our rooms, packing and returning back to school in the afternoon.  


The centre staff have helped to make our trip a successful and happy one so we would like to say a huge thank you to them all. We have had lots of delicious food. All of the children have kept their rooms extremely tidy and so hopefully they will remember this when they return home!