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Year 5 residential 2018 - Stubbington

Welcome to the Stubbington Residential page.

We will be updating this webpage during the week that we are away from school with photos and information detailing what we have been doing. Please check back to see any updates and also visit our twitter feed (the link is on the school homepage) to see what we are up to during each day.

Presentation Slides for Stubbington 30/10/18

The children have gathered  in school to go on their trip to Stubbington full of excitement!

Having arrived safely at Stubbington the children have had a busy day and settled in well to their new home for the week, After unpacking their belongings and deciding on their beds for the night the children enjoyed a tour of the site and then baked potatoes with a variety of fillings followed by a delicious dessert for their lunch. The afternoon kicked off with a tour of the site to help the children begin to orientate themselves and then a trip to the beach. We explored the seashore to see which creatures make it their home and discussed the effects of long shore drift and how the beach is being protected. We returned to the centre to participate in a variety of challenges and then started to learn our house songs. 

Following dinner tonight we are all looking forward to our wildlife talk before one of the groups will get to visit the hide to see if we can spot any badgers. Fingers crossed!

The evening has come to  a close and the children are all wrapped up in bed having had their medicines and brushed their teeth. Two groups managed to get out to the hide tonight and one group was lucky enough to see two badgers feeding only meters away from their viewing point.  Arne commented that this was the first time he had  badgers in the wild and it was really cool! The evening was concluded with a putting competition which Ryan and Ashton excelled at, both getting impressive ‘birdies’ on the challenging course! Ryan even managed to beat Mr Hartley in the final challlenge. It has been a great day and the children have had a great start to their time at Stubbington. 

More Monday pictures

The children have slept well (in the main) and are preparing for the mammoth task that is getting ready for inspection. Breakfast has been enjoyed by all and we will soon be on track for the first activity of the day. 
We have had a great day enjoying the various activities today. The children have a developing understanding of site and have risen to the various challengers including shelter building,mapping, orienteering and the eggstream challenge. 

More Tuesday photos

Shelter building testing- can they survive the elements?

Still image for this video
The children built shelters in their teams and they were then tested to see how good they were at keeping out the sunshine, wild animals and the rain- some were more successful than others!

Evening activities

This evening the children have had their classroom session with a focus on some of the things they have been looking at this week along with a diary writing session so they have a memory of what they have been up to during their time away. Following our 45 minute classroom session they enjoyed an amazing wildlife slide show with famous  nature photographer Derek. He kept them enthralled with his incredible photo graphs and recounts of his interactions with wild animals native to this country. The evening concluded with supper, a trip to the hide (where they saw 5 foxes) and some quiet bedtime games. The children are now all fast asleep and hopefully dreaming of more fun to come tomorrow!

Interviews with some of the children.

What has been the best part of the week so far?


”Probably mapping or building the shelters, that as well. We enjoyed the mappping because it was a race but we got to explore the site as well. The shelters were really good fun to build “ (William)


“I really liked the shelter building. It was good how we worked as a team and fun when our teacher poured water over it to test it.” (Ruby)


“ I am most looking forward to Earthquake because I have been thinking about it from before coming to Stubbington. So far I enjoyed the orienteering the most because I like using maps.” (Lucy)


“I really enjoyed the shelter building because you had to work as a team to make it stable and getting wet meant that some people looked they had had a totally different haircut “ (Arne) 


“I think the highlight of the week was finding the bird cards on the mapping trail because it got us used to our surroundings. I have also really enjoyed being in the dorms and sleeping with other children that I wouldn’t normally be with at school.” (Bethany) 


“I have really liked our free time because we can either stay in the dorm with different people or we play outside on the play equipment. I haven’t used the games room yet but others seem to enjoy it.” (Alana)

Wednesday activities 


The children  have enjoyed a really busy morning  again this morning. The staff were delighted to see that many of the children had managed to sleep through until the waking bell at 7,50. Following the consumption of another hearty breakfast they returned to their rooms to prepare for inspection. Congratulations go to the kestrels who were victorious this morning having made sure their rooms were super tidy. 

Group A this morning started with their earthquake challenge where they had to overcome a series of obstacles working as a group. At the same time group B were rising to their own great egg challenge, working in teams to tackle various problems. This afternoon we will all be searching for evidence of animals inhabiting the Stubbington site and then setting out our small mammal “hotels”, hopeful that we might attract a visitor or two between us.


Wednesday evening means that the children get to play a wide game with their teachers becoming pirates and the children attempting to discover their hiding places and then question them as to their alibis. Only then are they able to discover who has stolen Mr Scarborough’s treasure. A good time was had by all and congratulations to table 12 who managed to solve the problem the quickest earning their dorm additional points. 

Following the exciting game we enjoyed an inter-house competition with a tie between the owls and the badgers meaning a sharing of the points.  With the other school visiting the hide tonight the children settled down to bed at a reasonable time and some rather exhausted children fell quickly to sleep wondering if they were getting a visitor checking into their small mammal hotel overnight!

Thursday activities 

This morning the children will once again start their day with a hearty breakfast and then look to impress Mr Scarborouwith their abilities to tidy their rooms and make their beds as well as sort out their drying rooms and stand to attention, in soldier like fashion, during inspection. After this we all return to collect our mammal hotels and see if anyone has had a visitor. Fingers crossed that we might discover a yellow necked field mouse or perhaps a bank vole. 

When opening our mammal hotels, the group were lucky enough to have some visitors! Three long tailed field mice and a yellow-necked mouse checked in for the night. We then indentifed the features of the two different types of animals and how they have adapted to survive in their environment. 


This afternoon group A are orienteering whilst group B take on the earthquake! 

More interviews with the children

What have you thought of the food this week?

“It has been really nice and there is lots to go round. I’d say the choice is really good because there are healthy options and less healthy options. I’ve trying to stay in the middle..”

“It has been good with good choices and the curry tonight was my favourite.”


What has has it been like in the dorms?


”The beds are comfortable and I have had lots of good sleep.”

“It has been good and we have got some sleep when people haven’t been talking!”


What about inspection process?

“It was quite fair although we did run out of time this morning before inspection which was a shame”

it is well set up that you get a mark out of five for how we go to bed and then marks out of twenty for the room and there are lots of bonus marks.

Answers from Reggie and Anna

Thursday continued

The afternoon has been another busy one with the children either tackling the Earthquake course or orienteering themselves around the site. Really well done to all of the children who were able to complete the orienteering course especially to Niall and William who completed the course in an incredible 9 minutes! This evening, after a delicious chicken curry for dinner, the children had a quick classroom session followed by Stubbington’s famous song contest ‘The S factor’. The badgers emerged as the winning dormitory with their very special performance which included both dancing and singing. 

One final group visit to the hide meant that some of the children were lucky enough to spot two badgers and two foxes before they went to bed. 

The children will begin their final day at Stubbington tomorrow morning 

Friday update

Our final day at Stubbington is going to be a bit different as we begin to prepare for our return to school. As soon as the rising bell sounds we will be getting ourselves up, dressed and then begin the packing process ready for our final inspection. Following our last chance to enjoy a cooked breakfast before returning home both groups will be taking part in Stubbington fox- an activity where the children have to think like a fox and outwit the farmers who are trying to catch them (in this case their enthusiastic teachers). If they are cunning enough the children will be able to evade capture, answer all of the questions and perhaps win the game and a prize too. 

A final chance to experience the fabulous Stubbington food will be followed by loading up of the coach and the hour or so journey home. We hope to return around 2.30pm and I am sure parents will be there to wave us in. 

Should we be delayed for any reason we will alert the school office and they will update the website with an estimated time of arrival. 


When we do arrive back in school the children will be taken into the hall to collect any medication  and any final outstanding items. It would be great if parents could help by unloading the coach and by placing the bags along the edge of the car park (if dry) or bringing them in to the hall if the weather is less kind.  The children will then be released back to parents from the hall. If parents wish to collect siblings from other classes in school this can be done via the school reception where they can be signed out. Please note this only applies to junior school children. 

The children have had a great week and are all looking forward to seeing their parents and some have even suggested that they have missed their siblings. We will see you soon!