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Year 6 Residential 2016

The day has finally arrived. We are due to leave later this  morning and travel down to Weymouth for a fun filled week. Hopefully the children have wrapped up warm and are ready to tackle a variety of activities. We will attempt to update this webpage on a daily basis with events from the day - it is likely to be in the evenings so please check back later for further content.

Update - some activities are easier to photograph than others.  Don't worry if you can't immediately recognise your child in the photos - we will endeavour to upload photos of all children at some point through the week.

Day One

After a very smooth journey, we arrived at a beautifully sunny Osmington Bay!  The children found their rooms, had lunch and were then given a tour of the site. 

The first activities started this afternoon and included raft building, aeroball, zip wire and mountain biking.  Everyone has had a great time so far!

They are currently having a sports evening, playing lots of team games to hopefully make them sleep tonight...fingers crossed!

Mountain Biking

Day Two

Tuesday started early with an alarm call at 7am as breakfast was due to be taken at 7.30am!  A healthy start to the day was enjoyed by all with lashings of sausage, hash browns, omelette, toast and baked beans accompanied by cereal, tea, coffee and plenty of yawning!  Mrs Thomas and Mr Dawson were on inspection duty this morning and scored rooms ranging from 2/15 to 10/15.  It appears that some of the children are better than others at keeping their rooms tidy...and sleeping...!

Activities started at 8.50am and the children were able to participate in street surfing, climbing, trapeze, mountain biking, aeroball and zip wire, depending upon the group they were in.  It was great to hear children cheering on others as they faced their various challenges.  

Lunch was taken at 12.10 pm and the children had fresh baguettes, cheese, pate, egg and a variety of salads to choose between -  no-one went hungry.

Following a brief bit of free time, spend either at Little Wembley or relaxing in their rooms, the children then launched themselves into their afternoon activities.  These included the giant swing, trapeze, archery, street surfing, climbing and raft building.  Free time saw the first rain of the week so many chose the comfort of their bedrooms over outdoor opportunities.  Tonight we will be enjoying games in the hall after dinner and then showers before bed for all those that didn't shower before breakfast.  All the children are having a good time and enjoying the activities that they have been doing!  Great perseverance shown by so many children to tackle some of the challenging activities.

Mountain Biking

Day Three

Well, the children certainly slept better last night...we had to wake a few rooms up this morning!  After another tasty breakfast (bacon, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms, as well as the usual choice of toast and cereals), the children set off for their morning's activities.  Over the course of the day, different groups have completed a range of activities including Zip Wire, Aeroball, Giant Swing, Archery, Street Surf, Climbing, Trapeze and Raft Building. 

It was a bit chilly this morning with quite a strong wind blowing off the sea so bolognese pasta and garlic bread was a welcome warming meal at lunchtime! 

Activities continued this afternoon which the children thoroughly enjoyed, despite the rather persistent rain that set in (a bit unexpectedly!).  The children have worked so well in teams, supporting each other and learning to set themselves challenges with each new task set. Some have worked particularly hard to conquer their fear of heights and we are very proud of how they have approached these tasks.  They are certainly becoming experts at putting their harnesses on now!

For their evening meal, the children chose from pork casserole, chicken goujons or vegetable wellington - safe to say a lot of goujons and ketchup was consumed!

The children are now enjoying their evening activities, playing team games and then an outdoor version of the game of Cluedo.

We have uploaded as many photos as we can - for some of the activities it is difficult to take recognisable photos due to all the kit they are wearing but hopefully it gives you a taste of what they have been up to :-)



Zip Wire

Day Four

Some tired children this morning!  Many more children sleeping til their 7am wake-up call!

After another large breakfast of sausages, scrambled egg, spaghetti and hash browns, the children rushed back to their rooms for ROOM INSPECTION!!!!!  Mr Dawson and Mrs Thomas have been inspecting the children's rooms daily, giving each room points for how they went to bed the previous night, whether they were quiet and organised in the morning and how tidy their rooms were.  Results will be announced tomorrow!

Today's activities included Quad Biking, Jacob's Ladder, Orienteering, Fencing, Tunnel Trail and Abseiling.  They are certainly able to put on harnesses much quicker and have been good at encouraging each other to tackle the different challenges.  

After the children had filled up on jacket potatoes for lunch, activities continued this afternoon.  

We then launched into another meal (we've certainly been well-fed!) - tonight's choices were chicken curry, beef or vegetable lasagne.  They are now running around playing a game called 'Passport to the World' which involves them running around the site looking for flags and answering questions - they'll be tired by bed time!!

The children have started packing up ready to leave tomorrow.  We have activities as normal in the morning and then we will be heading home after lunch.  They are all very excited about seeing their families!