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Year 6 residential 2017- PGL

The children have set off on their residential down to Weymouth and the delights of PGL!

Having gathered briefly in the hall, they waved their parents goodbye.

Check back to this page of the website for a daily update.

Don't forget that it is possible to write to your children while they are away and they love to receive a letter to let them know that you are having a good time while they are doing the same thing!


The children have arrived safely at their destination and will be shown to their rooms to unpack shortly!


What a busy afternoon! Some children have been climbing and others orienteering. Everyone has settled in really well and they are off out playing "Passport to the World," before bedtime.  

More exciting activities in store for them tomorrow!


Tuesday morning

A settled night - everyone slept well. After filling up on bacon, beans and a pile of toast, the children are off busy already. 

Groups are taking part this morning in fencing, aeroball (think basketball on trampolines!), quad biking, orienteering and climbing. 

Pics to follow this evening. 


We have had fantastic fun today working in our teams. We have been taking part in a range of activities including quad bikes, orienteering and dragon boating. We have eaten lots and are looking forward to a good night's sleep!


It has been really windy here today! Our activities included the giant swing which involved us all working together as a team to pull the rope in order to raise the swing high into the air before releasing it; archery in order to improve our aim; survival skills in which we lit a flame and made a shelter and a sensory trail. A couple of groups had their turn at quad biking, fencing and aeroball. 

Parents please be aware that we are presently experiencing difficulties with up loading photos onto the website and twitter feed from PGL as the wireless connection at the site is very unresponsive. The seven photos that were loaded onto this webpage yesterday took over two hours to load! Whilst we are all keen to see as much of what the children are up to on their trip the primary focus for the staff accompanying the trip is the wellbeing of the children and their time is rightly spent looking after them and delivering the activities that they are getting to enjoy this week. Thank you for your understanding- we will continue to do the best that we can to keep you updated with the events of the trip. Mr Dawson


What a beautiful day! This morning three groups took part in raft building. They worked together to build their raft and then try them out; it involved getting pretty wet and having loads of fun! We have also had a go at rifle shooting, problem solving, low ropes and abseiling. Tonight we have a sports evening and in the morning we have two more activities before setting off at lunchtime. We have had a great week working together in teams and trying new things.

The children have boarded the coach in the last couple of minutes. Traffic depending we are hoping they will arrive back at around 3.45pm. We will let parents know how the journey is progressing via email and this webpage.