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Meal suggestions for families from M&S

Who qualifies as key worker or a vulnerable child?



  • Note that key worker children can stay at home though, and this is preferable if it is feasible. Reduced numbers = less mixing = safer for all.


  • Children classed as vulnerable are those with a confirmed EHCP, those with an active social worker, or post-looked after children. These children do not have to come in, but are entitled to.
  • We have to be strict with these categories – thank you for your understanding.

Having difficulty accessing the on-line work - you can use an x-box or playstation

Monday 4th January 2021


Dear parents,
I imagine that you will have seen the announcement from the Prime Minister this evening
indicating that all schools will be closing from tomorrow morning and that schools will remain
closed for at least the next six weeks through to the February half term. As you can imagine
the short notice of the announcement has provided us in school with a significant challenge
as we plan our response to the ever evolving situation.
First of all, I would like to confirm that we will be open tomorrow to the children of parents
who are key workers and to vulnerable children. On the school website parents can find
details of what constitutes a key worker and a vulnerable child if they are unsure. In due course
we will be asking parents to provide proof that they are key workers, in the meantime
keyworkers can help minimise the risk of spreading the virus by keeping children at home
wherever this is possible.
We will endeavour to continue provide school meals this week for those key worker children
who wish to order them and let you know if this plan has to change from next week onwards.
As parents will be aware, we made contingency plans to provide on-line learning for children
in the event of a whole school closure. You have previously been sent details of the learning
platform which we use to provide on line work (google classroom) to which we will be adding
work each day. We have re-sent the original letter attached to this email for anyone who is
unsure of how to access the on-line learning. There will be work available on line from
tomorrow morning but if you are facing difficulties accessing this please email into the office
and we will come back to you with further guidance as soon as we can.
Our plan will be to start each day for the children with a daily on-line briefing from a teacher
in your child’s year team and this will start on Wednesday of this week. Details of these
meetings will be posted via google classroom. The timings of these meetings will be staggered
to allow siblings to access meetings at different times.
I will write to provide you with more details as I receive more information from the government
over the next few days and hopefully be able to answer any questions that you might have
moving forwards.
I hope that you and your children are able to stay safe and well. Please don’t hesitate to contact
us at school if you feel we can help in any way.
Yours sincerely,


Ed Dawson

Morning drop off arrangements

With cases of Covid rising and the Government increasing restrictions, we want to ensure that the school remains open as long and as safely as possible. So from Monday 5th September, children should be dropped off at the school gate either at the front of the school or at the back and then walk into the grounds on their own.


Please ensure that your children walk through the gates between 8.40 and 9am, which is the schools start time - no earlier. There will be a member of staff at the gate to supervise the children as they come onto site during these times.


If you need to talk to an adult please see the member of staff at the gate or alternatively phone or email in and your child’s class teacher will contact you.


We would be grateful if parents could be mindful about social distancing and not arrive on the school grounds  early/stay at the gates once their children have gone onto the playground.


If you need to enter the school site, you should always wear a mask.


 Afternoon pick up arrangements

At the end of the day, children should be collected from the designated area for your child’s class.


  • One adult per family to collect.
  • Masks should be worn by adults on the school site.
  • Please can parents ensure they don't arrive early and then please leave the school site as soon as they have collected their children.


What happens if my child has to isolate / remain at home?

We have curriculum work on our school website and this is updated by the teachers with whatever work is happening in your child’s class that week. New work is added to the website every week.


So, in the event of lockdown / self- isolation your child can still keep on track with work in their class. Please see the year group curriculum pages.


What happens in the event of a confirmed positive case in school?

The school will seek advice from the Department for Education in the first instance. Following this it is highly likely that we would need to shut down the class bubble where the positive case had occurred. Parents would be expected to keep their children at home for a period of 10 days and follow government guidelines in terms of self isolation.

Further details of how work could be accessed for children would be sent to parents at this time.


Government guidance for parents and carers

The latest Government guidance for parents and carers is available online here.


A thank you to Hampshire pupils and students from the County Council


Advice and support


Useful sources of advice and support for children, young people and families about Coronavirus:




  • The Children’s Commissioner have produced a colourful, downloadable guide to Coronavirus which aims to answer children’s questions about coronavirus, tell children how to stay safe and protect other people, with lots of ideas about how to make the best of their time at home.


  • Think Ninja - an app for 10-18 year olds designed to educate about mental health and well-being, with specific Covid-19 updates.




  • Coronavirus social story - Children may find this social story provides a guide to Coronavirus and why their school is currently closed.


NHS guide for parents


When your child is ill or injured, it can be difficult to decide if/when to call your child's GP, NHS 111, or go to the Accident and Emergency Department. While the Government is asking everyone to stay at home, it can be confusing to know what to do. The below guide provides some information on what to do if your child is unwell.




Concerned about Covid? Then contact us here....

If you have concerns regarding our Covid regulations then please contact our Business Manager Mrs Ryan, using this link. Thank you