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Summer 2 Week 3 - Measures

We suggest the following structure to your maths work this week.


Day 1

As set in previous weeks, complete the arithmetic tasks. Choose 'Challenge' if you are working towards achieving GDS.  Choose 'Core' if you are working at or towards getting ARE.  The answers are at the end of the document so you can mark them yourself and make corrections.

If you finish, spend the rest of your time on TT Rockstars or 'Hit the Button'.

Day 2

Step 1 or 1a - This step is a revision of converting between units of measure. Complete Step 1a if you are working towards getting ARE or if you find Step 1 too tricky.  Step 1 is for ARE and GDS.  

Day 3

Step 2 or 2a - This step involves problem-solving with measures.  Again, complete Step 2a if you are working towards getting ARE or if you find Step 2 too tricky.  Step 2 is for ARE and GDS. 

Day 4

Step 3 or 3a.  This step is about imperial measures. Step 3a focuses on miles and kilometres whereas Step 3 incorporates other imperial measurements.  Choose the right step for you, as above.  There is a help sheet below to explain some of these measurements.

Day 5

Complete the My Maths task that has been set for you.  Please make sure you are also up to date with all of your My Maths tasks as this is a great way for us to see how you are doing.  Some of you still have a number of outstanding tasks - these are part of your set work so please make sure they are completed as soon as possible. We cannot see how you are doing if you do not complete these tasks!

Step 1a support video

Still image for this video

Step 3a support video

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Mrs Dodgson's Group

If you are in Mrs Dodgson's group, please complete the tasks below. 

Your focus this week is on number facts and measures.

There are two tables sheets this week.  Tables 7 concentrates on the 2,3,4,5 and 10 x tables whereas Tables 7a adds in the 7,8 and 9 x tables.  Choose which one you want to do.