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Week Beginning 30th March

This week I have uploaded one day of Arithmetic questions to complete followed by a 4 day block of angles revision. For day 1, there is a core and a challenge sheet to choose from. You do not need to do both. If you finish the questions within 45 minutes, log on to TT rockstars or hit the button to practice your timetables. For the rest of the week, work through the steps provided. I haven't included questions where you need a protractor. These steps are revising knowledge we covered in the autumn term. Use your maths memory book and previous knowledge to help you.

Week beginning 23rd March

Units of measure - 3 day unit.

Work through the step sheets below on converting units of measure. Start with Step 1 on Monday and work your way through the work provided. There is a PDF PowerPoint attached, similar to last week, to help you solve the context questions on Step 2. There will be honesty cards uploaded to the page so use these to mark your work. These will be uploaded each day to the website.


Algebra - 2 day unit

Thursday - Work through step 1. If you need to build up your confidence again, I suggest looking at the core step 1 first before moving on to the challenge step. Remind yourself about how to solve questions about missing values to prepare for Friday's work. This is a topic we are revisiting from the Autumn term.

Friday -  Have a go at the context questions provided. Again, there is a core and challenge sheet. If you feel comfortable with solving problems, start with the challenge sheet :) If you finish the challenge work, there are some extra questions for you to have a go at solving!




Honesty cards - check work when completed

Useful websites which contain a variety of activities

Week Beginning 16th March

Focus: Four operations revision


Step 1 - revising the methods.  Use the formal column methods and check your answers with a calculator.  It is important you are accurate!  If you get any wrong, go back and have another go.

Step 2 - context questions (see the pdf example which will be uploaded on Wednesday).