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Dear Children (and Parents),


We hope that you have had a great Easter holiday and that you are ready to get back on with some school work. 


This term we are starting some new topics.  In geography we are learning about migration across the world; in R.E. we are learning  about making choices and in art we are investigating other artists. 


Remember that you do need to do a balance of work and remember to do some physical activity every day.  


Keep smiling - we are thinking of you all at this time!



Miss Whitehead, Mr Finklaire and Mr Harber


Parents: For some of the work, there are You Tube or online links.  We are unable to filter the adverts or stop people making comments, so please set the video clip up for your child to watch.

A suggested timetable that might help you organise your week!

A suggested timetable that might help you organise your week!  1


Message from Year 4 Teachers

We hope you are all keeping well and safe at home.

Please find this week’s home learning tasks saved alongside this document.

We want to reiterate that you only do as much work as you feel you are able to. Make sure that you do lots of exercise and family tasks too.

Some children find a timetable really helpful, so we have added a suggested timetable, just in case it is helpful. There is also a blank timetable based on the one which we use in school that can be planned as a family. Alternatively, planning the day on a mini whiteboard helps your child not only see the flow of the day, but also when they get breaks and rewards.

Take care of yourselves,

Miss Whitehead, Mr Finklaire and Mr Harber

P.S. We all do the Joe Wicks daily P.E. lessons too!! We know you will be better at them than we are. Just look at the school website