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Video Messages!

Hi all smiley

As a staff, we have been putting together some little video messages to let you know that we have been thinking of you and also to tell you about a few things we have been up to ourselves. You can find our videos in the 'Messages from staff' tab on the children's page.  They are slowly being uploaded so look out for our ones!

We have all been busy keeping up with Joe Wicks and his YouTube morning exercise routines!  If you haven't tried it yet, have a go!  It's a great start to the day :-)

Hope you are all well and keeping yourselves busy - there's plenty to have a go at on the website and lots of creative ideas too.  You could always develop a skill or try something new!  

Just to let you know, we won't be uploading any new work as such on to the website for the holidays.  Don't forget that you have your test pack to complete - it's important to make sure you keep those skills going!  We will also put up some links to other things you could do to keep yourself busy and entertained so keep checking the website for updates.

Keep safe everyone smiley



Hope you are all well :-)

We are uploading next week's tasks over the weekend so there should be plenty of suggestions of things to keep you busy next week.  There should be plenty you can get on with so that your parents can get on with their own work - remember it is a tricky time for families so you can show them how independent and responsible you have become.

Make sure you get plenty of fresh air and enjoy some chill time, although it is a little chilly today, isn't it?!

It is all a bit strange staying at home.  We want you to know that we are all thinking of you :-)  

Keep safe everyone!


Like making things?

Here's a new 30 day challenge for you!

Picture 1

Like Lego?

Here's a daily Lego Challenge for you!

Enjoy smiley

Picture 1


Want something to do?

Why not draw a rainbow and stick it in your front window? (ask your parents first before you do any sticking though wink)

Children can go on a walk round the estate (there's not a lot of other places to go!) and spot the rainbows!

You could also add a teddy too so they can go 'on a bear hunt'.  

Just something you can do to make a younger child smile smiley

Here's our one...(excuse the very dirty window!! but you get the idea).

Picture 1

So, I wonder who has eaten their Easter egg already?! 

Make sure you say a big thank you to Mrs Cady and to the Friends tomorrow smiley

Working from home and homework information

Please see the attached letter that you took home in your work packs this week :-)