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Covid 19 (Coronavirus)

Covid 19 (or Coronavirus)

Parents who follow local and national news will doubtless be aware of the developing spread of Covid 19 virus across the country. We as a school have carefully considered our response to the current situation and are following the advice that we receive from Public Health England. The children have been spoken to both in assemblies and in class about looking after their personal hygiene and ensuring that they are washing their hands on a regular basis.  Currently the children are expected to be washing their hands on arrival at school, before they have their break time snack and again before lunchtime.

If you (or your child) has visited an infected area in the last 14 days and are concerned that you may have become unwell , please contact the NHS on 11 (or 99 in an emergency). The NHS will provide you with the necessary advice at this time. We would ask that you also contact the school to notify is of your concerns. People who have become unwell following a visit to an infected area are advised not to go to their GP, pharmacy or hospital. Details of the infected areas can be found via the following link

The current advice from the government indicates that  if there were to be a case of a pupil being diagnosed with Covid 19, the school would be contacted by Public Health England to discuss the next steps that would need to be taken. Currently in most cases the closure of schools is considered unnecessary  but if it were deemed appropriate the school would contact parents  via the usual channels and provide information on the school website about any closures that would need to take place.

We will update this page of the school website with any additional information as it becomes available.

On the school's policy page is a copy of the planning process that exists in school for parental reference.