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In Year 6 this week...

We have had a very busy week in Year 6 as always!

In our English unit, we have been looking at the book "A Story Like the Wind". 

Our unit is based around the experiences of refugees and this short book is a powerful story linked to the theme.  We have had a lot of discussions about why people become refugees and it has made the children think about how lucky they are to have everything they have and be able to do simple things like go to school and play with a football.  The children are currently writing their own stories which will be finished next week so keep an eye on our year group page for some amazing examples of writing in Year 6!  Have a look at the snippet of writing below for an example of the powerful writing they are producing.

We have also started our geography unit on Fair Trade.  This week the children have been looking at the types of foods we eat everyday and have been investigating how our food comes from all over the world.  They were quite amazed at the number of countries we import our food from!