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In Year 6 this week...

We have been very busy finishing our refugee stories this week, working hard on our editing skills so that our writing is accurate.  Some examples will be published soon!

In Science, we have been investigating the role of the heart in the circulatory system.  We also learnt how to find our pulse rate (although that was tricky for some - but we found it in the end!).  The children discovered that their resting pulse rates varied a lot across the class which is perfectly normal!  Children over 10 and adults should have a resting pulse rate of between 60 and 100.  Next week we are going to be carrying out an investigation to see what happens to our pulse rate when we exercise.

In our geography topic, we discussed whether we should buy food from other countries.  This lead us into lots of discussions about the seasonality of food and the environmental impact of our choices.  It has certainly made us think about our food miles!