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This week, there are history and art activities as usual.

We are also starting to look at some transition work to help you with your transition to secondary school.  These will be important sessions for you to complete.  Each week, there will be two transition sessions that we will be running in school and we will add the same lessons/resources on the website if you are working from home.


This week, we are continuing with our topic, 'The Industrial Revolution'.

Follow the session 2 PDF below - it will talk you through the different activities.  This week the focus is on how and why living conditions changed during the Industrial Revolution.  You can print out the page with the table on to record your ideas (or draw it in your book).


Linking to our new topic, 'The Industrial Revolution', we look this week at the artist William Morris.


This week, we will be starting to work with you on your transition to secondary school.  If you are working at home, we will provide the same resources for you to work through as the children at school.  Make sure you read the information for each lesson very carefully.  If you do have any questions, it is a really good idea to ask someone as this will help you feel more confident about your move.  You can email any questions you have to Mrs Thomas if you can't find out the answers anywhere else!  The email address is  

Just remember that every year six child in the whole country will be in the same position as you.  Unfortunately, you won't be able to have all the usual visits that we would like you to have but the secondary schools will know all about this and will work with you in September to help you settle in quickly.  The most important things you need to do are:

- to keep up your school work so you are ready for Year 7

- to ask questions if you are worried about anything.