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PGL residential 2018

Reflections on PGL. 

We asked some of the children to comment on their week away at PGL. Here is what some of them had to say...


What has PGL been like?


I have really liked it as you get to do a lot of energetic activities and my favourite was street surfing because we got to teach all our friends to use the rip stick. There have been lots of activities that I haven’t done before and I have tried them all.



It has been a really good experience to try things we haven’t done before and the staff are really nice. My favourite activity has been the giant swing because of how fast you swing and how far you go.



It has been a really good experience and we have had time to try things we have never done before and all of the activities have been fun. My favourite was abseiling because it was something new and it was high up and I love heights



It has put us out of our comfort zone and it has been really god fun and challenging because the things that we are doing here we wouldn’t normally do. I loved the giant swing. Me and Maisie went first and the lady tricked us into pulling the rope and that released us – which was really funny.



At PGL it has made us do things which we wouldn’t normally do. At the end there is a feeling of relief and a feeling of being really proud of ourselves and other people. When you watch someone else do it you can’t believe that you have done it yourself. This was especially on the giant swing where we couldn’t believe that we had done it ourselves when we saw how high others went.



It’s has been good being out of my comfort zone and it is definitely really challenging. It has been nice to be with my friends in my room and my group and I have enjoyed the games in the evenings. My favourite activity was the street surfing because although it was really hard it was really good fun and we had all of the protective equipment we needed.



It’s been a great adventure and a really good experience for me. I particularly enjoyed the zip wire and the lovely selection of food! I’ve liked learning about teamwork this week and being with my friends.


Jack T

This experience has been really active, educational and has helped develop confidence and teamwork. I particularly enjoyed the giant swing and the variety of different foods (yum!)



I have enjoyed the fact that this has been character building-it has helped me build confidence and help me mature with my friends. I particularly enjoyed the giant swing, the zip line and the food!



I have enjoyed the variety of activities and have conquered my fear of heights by attempting to go as high as possible on the giant swing. It has also been good to chill out with my friends!


Friday 19th October


Our final day at PGL started early with the children being woken at 7am as we needed to dress, strip the beds, finish packing the bags and attempt to sort any remaining bits of lost property. With rooms cleared we marched to breakfast and following this onto our last two activities of the day. Street surfing, problem solving and quad biking finished off the week in style for the different groups and by the end everyone had had the opportunity to complete all of the activities.

We are aiming to leave the site immediately after lunchtime and will hopefully be on he road by around 1.15- 1.30pm. We will contact the school to them everyone back at base know our estimated time of arrival.


When we return we will take the children into the hall to ensure that they have all of their belongings and say goodbye to them. 


The children have some homework to complete following PGL and this is on the year six page and can be downloaded and printed to return to school after half term. 


Thanks to all parents who have logged on to read the website updates this week. We are delighted that we have had over a thousand additional website hits this week from as far afield as the USA and Turkey. If you have found the updates useful or if there are any things that we could do better any feedback would be gratefully received. 

The children have been a delight all week and they are all very excited to see you again! 

Have a nice half term and please remember the first Monday back is an INSET day and the school is closed.

Mr Dawson


Thursday 18th October – day 4 


We were greeted by a magnificent sunrise as we looked out across to Portland this morning. The rain had cleared and we knew we were in for a beautiful day

More bacon, eggs, tomatoes and baked beans kicked off the morning for many while others packed in the toast and jam. Inspection this morning was brief but it is good to see how well the rooms are pulling together to keep themselves tidy and their clothes in their own bags! There is even  evidence of soap being used and toothpaste tubes gradually getting thinner!


The activities that the children have been enjoying today have included Trapeze, Orienteering, Rifle shooting, Jacob's ladder, Quad biking, Zip wire and Archery.


Following tonight's evening meal the children got to compete in a sports night challenge which included a variety of races and challenges. 

upon return to their rooms the children packed their bags ready to clear their rooms early the following morning. 


Apologies that the photos from the day didn't make it up on Thursday night - the internet connection was very busy and made this impossible. Hopefully those that have logged on to look since have enjoyed the bumper number of photos from yesterday. 



Wednesday 17th October - day 3


The mist and drizzle descended over Weymouth this morning but it has not dampened our spirits. Our day started early once again as with the children woken from their slumber by their increasingly weary looking teachers. Breakfast was consumed quickly – sausages, cooked tomatoes, hash browns and mushrooms were accompanied by the usual toast, porridge and yogurts.

The dreaded inspection arrived after breakfast and the ruthless Mrs Thomas/ Mrs Hagger and Mr Dawson / Mr Sandell combination checked every nook and cranny to ensure that the beds were perfectly made and the bathrooms scrubbed and tidy. One room even arranged their shoes into rainbow order in a vain attempt to impress the inspection teams but still the heartless inspectors remained unimpressed and only perfection was acceptable (and some of the boys rooms were a fair distance from perfection!).

Some of the children had the cheek to suggest that they should be allowed to inspect Mr Sandell’s room where there were strange aromas and not much evidence of tidying! 


The main activities throughout the day included aeroball, abseiling, giant swing, zip wire, rifle shooing and archery with all children completing four of the six activities. Lunch interrupted the activities briefly but the children were constantly on the move. A trip to the shop followed along with the chance to purchase a few souvenirs before it was time to eat again!


Following our evening meal of chicken curry or Chow Mein the evening activity required the children to work together as a team to complete a ‘cluedo’ challenge. The children toured the site looking for PGL staff who set them various challenges before giving them clues related to the disappearance of a shady character. Well done to group 2 who managed to complete the challenges the quickest and solve the puzzle.

Thoroughly exhausted the children fell into their beds tired but happy after another fun day. 


Allana on abseiling

It was really good fun. My goal was to smile and I believed in myself and cheered on the rest of my team while waiting for my turn. When it was my chance to go up the tower I was a little bit nervous and the hardest part was when I had to sit back in my harness at the top of the tower. The best bit was coming down as it was fun to do the abseiling as I have never done this before.


Sam on aeroball

I think that aeroball is good fun even though the goals are really high that you need to shoot the ball into. It’s a game where you have to both jump on a trampoline while at the same time trying to score. It was hard work but I enjoyed it and I am super-proud of how well I did.

Tuesday 16th October 2018


The day began with a relaxed start as the teaching staff woke the children at around 7.20am – yes that really was woke the children – clearly the exertions of the previous day had tired them out! A breakfast of bacon, vegetarian sausages, tinned spaghetti, toast and mushrooms greeted those who were feeling hungry while many opted for yogurt and fruit.

Having eaten their fill, the children returned to their rooms to pack for a trip to Portland where a cool sea and raft building challenge was waiting to test their spirits and teamwork skills. All 5 groups worked together beautifully and successfully constructed rafts that looked ready to challenge the open seas. Fortunately, the launch site was a very sheltered harbor where the children completed various challenges and got themselves thoroughly soaked.

Emilee and Emi had the following to say about the challenge

It was a very successful, challenging and fun task. We had to work together as a team and it was a good experience. It certainly took some children out of their comfort zone as it was very cold when we went into the water. But it is something we would like it do again, maybe making a different type of raft next time.


The afternoon saw the children taking part in a mixture of fencing, climbing and street surfing.


I particularly enjoyed the climbing because you got to choose how high you went and you got to belay the others in the group. The instructors were really nice and told us what to do. Fol


The fencing was very good because we got to battle with people using foils and the instructors were really funny. We had to wear a full face mask, a special top and gauntlet on our hands. It didn’t hurt when hit by the foil and we were very sweaty afterwards.



Monday 15th October 2018


The children set off on their adventure soon after 9.30am and arrived at PGL 2 short hours later. On arrival everyone carried their bags to a room to keep everything dry and safe before enjoying their packed lunch. Fully refueled the children toured the site to get their bearings before stopping briefly in the main activity hall for a variety of games.

The two activities covered this afternoon were a selection of Giant swing, Jacob’s ladder, quad biking, aeroball and fencing with each group competing two activities before tea time

Blake’s thoughts on the giant swing;

You lose your belly, it was slow to go up, a shock when it releases and fast on the way down – it was great fun.

Lewis had this to say about Jacob’s ladder

At first I didn’t really want to do it but when I actually did it was amazing and I felt so proud of myself. Even though I only got onto the second rung, it felt good.


Tea this evening was a choice of vegetable curry, sausages or steak and mushroom pie. Dessert was doughnuts and fruit.  The children ate well and started their evening activity which involves exploring the site and lots of running around, Hopefully this will tire them out for the night ahead. 

We have had some very happy children who have had a great first day. Rest assured parents they are having a good time and have a great week ahead of them. We will attempt to tweet and update the school website as much as we can whilst continuing to look after your children. Please pop back when you can for updates.

Mr Dawson 

Day 1 photos

Additional day 1 photos