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PGL residential 2019

Welcome to the PGL update page.

We are aiming to update the website when we can over the course of the residential with news of what the children have been doing and hopefully some photos from the day. Please note if parents have not given permission for children to appear on the school website then their children will not be included in the photos taken during the week. 


Please remember that the staff on residential are responsible for the wellbeing of the children throughout the week and the updating of his website will only happen when there is time to do so, between the numerous activities that the children will be completing. The ability to upload photos will also be determined by the connectivity levels on site which are often quite limited. 


Although this may be the first time that children have been away on residential, parents should try not to worry and rest assured that they are having a good time and being well looked after. The staff on the trip will deal with anything that comes up during the week and will contact you directly if there are any issues relating to your child.  Enjoy the week - your child will be!


Friday 18th October 

We have arrived at the final morning and everyone is somewhat tired and excited to know they are heading home today. Before we depart we have two final activities before an early lunch. Departure is from 1 pm onwards. Once we are on the road we will let the school know and email/ text parents an estimated time of arrival back at school. Could we please ask that if parents are driving to school to collect their children that they do not park immediately outside the entrance to the school as the two coaches will need to pull into the car park. Many thanks and see you soon. 

Thursday 17th October 


Thursday activities 

Everyone is dragon boating this morning - we will be traveling back to Portland to visit the Olympic site to complete this activity. 

This afternoon we will be doing the following;

Group 1 and 2- Jacob’s ladder and archery 

Group 3 and 4- Jacob’s ladder and rifle shooting

Group 5- fencing and rifle shooting 

Afternoon photos

Wednesday 16th October 

Wednesday activities


Group 1 - am - fencing, street surfing   Pm - abseiling, orienteering

Group 2 - am - street surfing, rifle shooting, Pm- abseiling, orienteering   

Group 3 - am - trapeze, aeroball. Pm - orienteering, abseiling

Group 4 - am - fencing, street surfing. Pm - orienteering, abseiling

Group 5 - am- sensory trail, Jacob’s ladder. Pm - orienteering, abseiling


The beautiful weather has greeted us kindly again today and the children are having a wonderful time. They all had to be woken this morning as the long and busy days are beginning to catch up with them! Following a chance to enjoy a cooked breakfast the children returned to their rooms where the staff teamed up to carry out room inspection. Either the staff were being more generous than yesterday or the rooms are getting tidier as  the points awarded today were considerably better than yesterday. Well done again to the boys room who currently find themselves in the lead. 

A variety of activities have been completed this morning by the various groups and discussions over lunch indicated that these were once again popular activities with the children which challenged them in a variety of ways. 

Some reviews from the day


Group 5 

Today our activities were orienteering, Jacob’s ladder and abseiling. We found all activities really fun. We particularly enjoyed abseiling as it gave us a chance to overcome our fears and push ourselves. Jacob’s ladder was challenging but enjoyable because we had to work as a team to climb the ladder. We are looking forward to this evenings activity of Cluedo. 

James and Alicia 


Group 2 

Today we did street surfing and rifle shooting in the morning. In our group multiple people got bullseyes and it was extremely exciting to learn how to aim and shoot. It was a real gun that we shot and this is why it was important to be safe. This afternoon we did abseiling and orienteering. We enjoyed orienteering because it showed us new skills so we could better understand maps. We are looking forward to playing cluedo this evening!

Sophie and Tiwai 




Group 4 

This morning we started off with fencing. We learnt how to lunge and jab with the foil and how to block advances from an enemy attack. It was important to have protective gear and always remember to go for the chest. Then we went to the street surf activity. It was good fun and we learnt how to move on the board on our own. Today at lunch we had baguettes for lunch and could choose from a number of fillings. After lunch we had orienteering and abseiling. We really enjoyed both of these. This day was the best day so far at PGL!

Rocco and Rosie 



Group 1 

This morning we had fencing and street surfing. They were really fun and we got to learn new skills. This afternoon we completed abseiling which was really scary and nerve-wracking. However, we accomplished our goal of going backwards down a wall at a great height. We also did orienteering which was very interesting but tiring. Two of us even got covered in mud trying to find the numbers to stamp! We are now looking forward to food! 

Emily, Bea and Tilly 


Tuesday 15th October 

Activities for Tuesday 

Group 1- rifle shooting, climbing, raft building- double session 

Group 2 - fencing, climbing, raft building 

Group 3- climbing, archery, raft building

Group 4- archery, climbing, raft building 

Group 5- climbing, street surfing, raft building 

Tuesday started well with the vast majority of children having to be woken at 7am from their slumbers. The children had either showered last night or enjoyed that experience this morning. Breakfast this morning was a choice of bacon, plum tomatoes, hash browns, toast with jams and butter,  cereal, yogurt and fresh fruit. Having filled up with enough calories to get us through the morning activities the children returned to their rooms for the morning inspection when Mr Dawson and Mrs Hagger checked each room to ensure that it was tidy and that towels were airing and carpets were clean. Getting a mark out of 5 for how well the room settled last night and another mark of our 5 for how tidy the room was this morning surprising saw a group of boys move into an early lead!

The first activity of the day started at 9am and the glorious sunshine that Weymouth is enjoying at the moment helped keep smiles on all faces. This is good news as all groups will be visiting Weymouth this afternoon to build rafts and the rain keeping away is a real bonus, although we suspect the children may still get quite wet when they test out their rafts! 

We have been incredibly impressed by the determination and perseverance shown by the children so far as they have tackled a variety of challenges and we hope this positivity is sustained throughout the week. 


Inspection of the rooms

A selection of activities from this morning

Tuesday comments on the morning activities

Group 1

Edward B and Georgie 

We first did rifle shooting which was really good fun. It felt quite real shooting the targets and it was tricky to line the sights up and be accurate. It was hard at first but got a bit easier as we went along. Climbing was really good fun and a real challenge. We both made it to the top and then we were challenged to do it again without using the green coloured hand holds which was a bit more tricky. 



Group 2

Ellie and Maiylise

We started with fencing which was very good fun. We had to put on all of the gear to start with including a face mask and protective gloves and jacket with special chest protectors inside. We used a foil and learnt how to stand properly and then battled one another. It was really hot and good when we had a break in between battles. Climbing was also good and we liked the swinging back down. We only had to go as far as we wanted on the wall. 



Group 3

Mason and Ryan 

The activities we did this morning were fun and active. We did rock climbing and it was tense and challenging but we both managed to get to the top. We were also helping others out who found it challenging by encouraging them. Our second activity was archery. We enjoyed playing the game and as a group we all got better at hitting the center of the board. We can’t wait to get wet this afternoon. 




Group 4

Alby and Luca

It was fun doing archery and we had to listen carefully to learn how to hit the target. We both managed to hit the target. The pizza game we played meant that we ‘built a pizza’ by hitting different colors on the target. If you hit white you got the dough and blue was mushroom. If you hit it in the black you burnt the pizza! Finally if missed then you had worms as a topping.  

Climbing was both scary and fun. Climbing up was hard and abseiling down was fun. We were both pleased with how high we got. 

The afternoon saw the whole group traveling to Portland to make use of the Olympic water sports site. While here we all learnt how to construct our own rafts from metal poles, large blue barrels and plenty of rope. Having built them we then had to control them on the water! This proved challenging for some and more successful for others. Once we had mastered the basics of getting around we were then set a variety of challenges including standing on the raft and jumping up and down- something of a challenge to say the least. 

Although the water was cold, equipped with our waterproofs and our all important life jackets, we powered through. As a special bonus some groups had a go at ‘roll the barrel’ which was great fun and ensured we were completely soaked. After a very quick change into some very welcome dry clothing, we headed back to base. Upon return we were able to visit the shop before showing and then enjoying our evening meal (roast chicken or lasagna). Tonight’s evening entertainment was a game entitled ‘passport to the world’ which involved us searching the site in teams to answer geography based questions in a limited time. 

Thoroughly exhaust we headed to bed, ready to sleep, so as to be ready for another busy day ahead!

Monday 14th October 2019

Arrived at the centre and settled in

We arrived safe and sound and after a quick lunch we have had a tour of the centre. We found where all the important things were including the shop and our activity bases. We have played lots of games in the warm and dry and are all looking forward to our first activity this afternoon. 

Our groups for the week

We have split into our groups for the week

The children are together as follows;


group 1- Miss Grainger

Emily HA




Edward C

Alfie C

Jamie E

Harry F

Georgie H 


Edward B


Group 2

Mrs Hagger













Group 3

Miss Krawiec

Jamie A


Jake C




George B




Charlie C

Group 4 

Mr Smith

Sophia L






Teddy E





Group 5

Mrs Friar 









James D

Jake B

This afternoon we have the following activities;


group 1 and 2 - trapeze and aeroball

group 3- street surfing and fencing

group 4- aero ball and trapeze 

group 5 - giant swing and trapeze


This evening will be a group game of “ambush”

Some of the things the children had to say about their activities from the day


Alfie and Rhys Group 1

We did their trapeze and it was really good. It was fun but when we got to the top we were really nervous because it was really high. When we got to the top we had to jump off and try and hit the ball. We are having a great time so far!


Sam, Harry and Benji group 2

First we did the trapeze. We had to try to get to the top and hit the ball. I did it in 21 seconds (Harry) and I was really pleased. Most of the group managed to get to the top so we ended up with more than one chance. Our second activity was aero ball. We had to choose names and then competed against other teams. Aero ball is done on a trampoline and you had to jump and throw a ball into a net on your opponents side. It was exhausting but really good fun! 


Daniel and George B group 3

The first one was fun. We did street surfing in the hall. It was hard to get going but we helped each other and had to persevere. By the end of the session we were able to do it by ourselves and felt really proud. The second session was fencing and it was hard and a bit sweaty! At first we were worried it would hurt but there was so much protection it didn’t hurt. 


Group 4

Teddy and Stanley

We did aeroball and trapeze. The trapeze was really good and we both managed to get all the way to their top. In fact all of the group managed to get all the way to the top and jumped off. Aero ball was a bit damp and made our feet wet! We kept slipping over as we tried to get the ball through the basket. We came second and third in the group and we were completed exhausted by the end. 

Miles group 5

We did giant swing and trapeze this afternoon. I was terrified of their giant swing, It was very high and very fast and made your heart leap into your mouth. I loved it and did it twice- all the way to the top. We are having a great time.