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Tips for Reading

Reading with your child at home is the most important type of homework that they can do.  Reading is needed in every area of the curriculum and in used everyone's daily life.   Please listen to your child read as often as possible and get them to talk about the book - fiction or non-fiction.  In our Autumn topic overview letter, we have included some questions to help you support your child at home with their reading.


Even though your children are now in the junior school, they still benefit enormously from listening to stories.  Family reading time remains as important as ever.  The more children read and listen to stories, the more experiences they have to apply to their own writing. 


Above all, make sure reading at home is a happy time.  It doesn't have to be a school book.  Discussing a comic or an advert or even the offers on cereal boxes, show your child the value of reading and can create a lively chat.



During half term, please try to hear your child read for 10 minutes on at least three occasions. Ask them about the text and make predictions as to what might happen next. Help them to read the punctuation too and find any hidden meanings. Thank you.