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RSE - Relationships and Sex Education at Hatch Warren Junior School


The school's approach to the teaching of RSE is detailed in the PSHE policy which can be found on the school's policy page of this website. Part of the work undertaken by the school when updating this policy included consulting with parents. This was done initially through a questionnaire sent out to all parents which asked them to comment on what the school teaches, when each area is taught and finally if there were any areas which parents felt were missing from the RSE curriculum at the time. Details of these responses have been included in the document below. 


Following this initial consultation parents who expressed a desire to further discuss the provision have been invited to attend a forum lead by the school which is designed to provide greater detail about the RSE curriculum,  answer any questions posed by parents and collect any other responses or thoughts about the provision. School governors have been invited to these forums and the school's policy towards RSE will be evaluated by the governing body in light of any comments  made over the course of the consultation. 


Parental responses to initial consultation