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School closures - general information

Looking for information about school closures linked to Coronavirus- please click the link below

CLOSURES.....Snow....Heating failure etc

In the event of us needing to close school due to heavy snow or heating failures etc we will contact you by 7.45am via:

· Our texting service (please ensure your mobile number is up to date with the school office)

· A notice will be put onto the school website

· We will notify the local radio stations and the information will be published on the Hampshire education site with all other school closures.

We will only close school if the site is inaccessible and/or poses a health and safety risk and if we are unable to get the majority of staff into school. The majority of our teaching staff live a number of miles from school and if they are not able to get out of their own roads etc then we will have to close school as we will not have sufficient adults to have the legal ratio of adults to children. Please understand that the safety of your children and our staff is paramount.

If school is open, we will endeavour to ensure that the main pathway at the front of the site and from the playground are gritted and clear, leading to the classroom doors. We will not be able to clear playgrounds, the car park or the pathways at the back of the site and would ask that you avoid using them for your own safety.

The decision to close the school is not one to be taken lightly but we felt it prudent to update you of our procedures should the need arise and unless any of the above methods are used, the school will be open as usual!