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Spelling and Grammar


Please find your spelling tasks below.

There is a 'quick print' sheet if you want to print that out which has all the spellings and a summary of the tasks on one page.

There is also a template for creating your word search if you want one (use the pdf if you want to print it out or use the Word document if you want to create your word search on the computer).

If you are in Mrs Dodgson's group, please find your spellings below:


For grammar this week, you have another two short tests to complete.  They are based on all the learning you have been doing in grammar this year.  

Work carefully through the questions - don't forget, you should have lots of notes in your SPaG memory book now and information in your home learning book from previous weeks.

There are answers at the end of the document so you can mark your own work.

If you are in Mrs Dodgson's grammar group, please complete the task below: