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Please find below the Year 6 spellings that are handed out on a Friday and tested on the following Tuesday.

Autumn 1 Week 6 & 7 (half term)

Your spellings are based around the last two columns of the Y3/4 list which you should have been tested on in class.  You will have identified the words you still need to learn from this list so your task for the next two weeks is to make sure that you know them all.  Practise them carefully in your book using the strategies you have been taught in class.

If you know all of the words now, you can start looking at the Year 5/6 words.

Both word lists can be found below.

Here are the lists of words that children are expected to be able to spell by the end of Years 3&4 and Years 5&6:

Spelling Games

Spelling games are a great way to practise.  Here are some websites where you can access spelling and grammar games.