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Staying safe on-line

At the current time parents and children are probably spending more time on-line than ever before. There are lots of amazing things that can be found on-line which will help occupy children and adults but please be aware that there are also safety precautions that need to be followed when children are on line.


Whilst the internet is providing children with both a valuable online learning platform and a means of maintaining social contact with their friends it is still essential to be mindful of e-safety. 

  • Ideally have your child online in a shared room so you can monitor their internet activity.
  • Make sure you know who your child is talking to online.
  • Please be mindful that there are videos containing highly inappropriate material circulating on popular sites such as Tik Tok

Please have a look at our  internet safety pages on the school website for further details at this time. You may also want to visit the NSPCC page for further advice - please see the links below