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Stubbington residential 2018

Day 1 

We arrived in good spirit being greeted by the windy British weather. We have had a long walk along the beach looking at all of the different shells and stones. We've been fed lots of delicious food, giving us lots of energy for other activities. Late at night we went to the hide to see the wildlife at stubbington.  


"I really liked walking along the sea side. All the different shells and stones were really cool. The game we played at night was really fun and challenged our team. I'm determined to keep my room clean to earn as many points for my team as I can." Morgan - class 9 


"Today was great, I really enjoyed collecting different types of shells. I've written a really nice postcard home hoping to make my mum smile" Edward B - class 8

Day 2

Today we started off with a full cooked breakfast to re energise us after a long night. We have enjoyed a wide range of activities. In the morning we have been exploring the grounds (dodging all of the wildlife) using a map to find different types of bird. One group made mammal hotels to try and catch small animals so that they could look at them tomorrow. With another group building dens to try and shelter from the inevitable rain (Mrs Hedderly and Mr Sandell with buckets of water).

Group B and C had some team building activities to try and earn tokens for a shop that sold materials. Those materials were used to shelter an egg which they later launched from a catapault. 


"We got to use compasses in orienteering and it was really fun to explore the grounds. Our group had a bad room inspection this morning because we were all very excited. Tonight though, when the lights go out we are all going to make sure we don't chat and get to sleep as soon as our head hits the pillow." Katie - Class 7 


"I didn't enjoy getting wet after building our den, I loved my outfit and Mr Sandell ruined it. It was really fun to try earn tokens to buy things to build a house for an egg that we launched from a catapult. OUR EGG SURVIVED!" Grace - class 9 

Day 3

"We woke full of excitement, ready for EARTHQUAKE. It was really fun climbing over obstacles and working as a team to finish the course. Room inspections went really well, we got 15 out of 20 meaning we won the flag 🙌🏼" Ruby - class 9 


Class 8 started the day with checking our mammal hotels to see if we had caught anything. Opening them up we were so excited to see what we may have caught it also a little apprehensive in case anything escaped before we were ready!  We found two bank voles which were small and cute. We then found out how to work out their gender and how old they were. We also weighed and measured them both before setting them free into their natural habitat. 

After lunch we started an eggstreme challenge  which relied on us working in teams to solve challenges. For each challenge we were successful with we earned counters. We then had to work out which materials we wanted to buy with our counters in order to protect the egg when it was catapulted. 

Finally we catapulted our eggs across the field. We had a 50% success rate as two eggs cracked. The egg which went the furthest was wrapped in soft materials. This evening we are playing a game outside. We have really enjoyed today. We even had a visit from Mr Dawson when he brought Mrs Cady back to Stubbington! 

By Edward C and Sophia 

Today Class 7 started the morning by checking our mammal hotels. Unfortunately, we only caught 2 mice but the 2 we caught were Yellow Neck Mice and they are rare! We named them Cream and Fudge. We particularly enjoyed comparing their weight to a haribo packet.


Next, we did shelter building which was harder than we expected and we got drenched. We didn't mind because it cooled us down! To end the day we learnt how to read a map and had a competition to find the different names of birds. We were sent running all over the site by Miss Yarrall and Mrs Togwell, but we loved it!


We are looking forward to the Earthquake zone tomorrow.


By Niya and Harry D.

Day 4 

Class 8

This morning we were taught how to use a compass. After a trial run, we were set the challenge of using the compass to solve some clues around the conservation area. The quickest pair completed the challenge in 10 minutes 30 seconds. 

After another fantastic meal at lunchtime, we had our chance to experience the earthquake activity. Our favourite parts were lava leap (in which we had to swing across an area of water) and working together in teams to carry equipment around the course. 

We had one final song rehearsal and we are looking forward to the S factor which is happening tonight. 

It was a fun and challenging day. 

By Zachary and Rosina




Today, class 7 woke up ready to tackle the Earthquake experience. We had to carry lots of heavy equipment but we were prepared for the challenge ahead of us. In teams we worked together to conquer the obstacles, including the dreaded lava leap! Our experience was made more exciting with an unexpected visitor - a fox, that we named Graham. 


We had yet another amazing lunch of rolls and macaroni cheese, which gave us the energy we needed for the Eggstreme Challenge. We faced mini challenges to collect tokens for the materials we needed to protect our eggs, which were then catapulted through the air.


We are excited for the S-factor tonight and representing the Kestrels. We're kestrel kids we are tidy and neat!

We are upset to leave this temporary home but we are looking forward to seeing all of you.



By Katie,Emily and Bea