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Stubbington residential 2019

We are aiming to update the website when we can over the course of the residential with news of what the children have been doing and hopefully some photos from the day. Please note if parents have not given permission for children to appear on the school website then their children will not be included in the photos taken during the week. 


Please remember that the staff on residential are responsible for the wellbeing of the children throughout the week and the updating of his website will only happen when there is time to do so, between the numerous activities that the children will be completing. The ability to upload photos will also be determined by the connectivity levels on site which are often quite limited. 


Although this may be the first time that children have been away on residential, parents should try not to worry and rest assured that they are having a good time and being well looked after. The staff on the trip will deal with anything that comes up during the week and will contact you directly if there are any issues relating to your child.  Enjoy the week - your child will be!


After we had arrived and unpacked, we went to the Great Chamber to hear a presentation all about  Stubbington and what to expect during the week. We then had lunch and got ourselves ready for our first afternoon. We went on a seashore walk and collected shells which we then heard lots of facts about. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and the children worked together really well (we have had lots of comments from various people about how well behaved they are all being).


We had free time when we were allowed to use the play equipment, followed by time in our house groups where we took part in team building activities and then practised our songs ready for a competition on Thursday night. 


After tea we had our study session and right now we are about to go to a wildlife presentation. 


It has been a great first day!  Check for another daily bulletin tomorrow night and also follow us on Twitter. 



We have had an amazing day today and all the children have been very busy! We have taken part in a range of activities including mapping this morning which involved using a map to find different clues which were hidden around the site. In the shelters activity we used sticks to build a shelter and then the shelters were tested with water (when we were sitting inside them!). Some of us did an orienteering activity.


After a delicious lunch, we took part in an animal tracking activity and set up our mammal hotels. We will be opening them tomorrow to see if anything decided to spend the night in our hotels! Some of us took on an 'Eggstreme' challenge which involved working together in teams to solve challenges and collect counters. Once we had collected counters we could buy materials to protect our egg when it was catapulted so that it didn't break. 


The groups rotate around these activities throughout the week so each group has a slightly different timetable. 


In our free time we have been playing in the adventure playground, playing football or spending time with our friends in the games room playing pool or ping-pong. The tuck shop opened too today which was very exciting!


Tonight we are going to hear a talk by a wildlife photographer. Throughout the week we are also working together to practise a song and taking part in loads of team challenges. 


We are really proud of all the children-their behaviour is amazing and they are demonstrating excellent team skills. They are a very happy group and they are all really throwing themselves into their time here. 




We have been very busy again! Some of our groups opened up their small mammal hotels and had a very high success rate. Another of our groups have set up new hotels which will be opened tomorrow. They contain everything a small mammal could wish for! 


Earthquake has been a definite highlight of the day and all groups have demonstrated amazing teamwork to complete the various challenges. It has been amazing watching the children grow in independence and leadership during these challenges and all with a smile on their face. 


Tonight we have a pirate mystery to solve. 


Another fantastic and happy day. 


Wednesday evening  - an update from Mr Dawson


I have just arrived home after a flying visit down to Stubbington to check in with the children and staff who are on the trip. When I arrived they were busy preparing their bedroom songs for the singing competition on Thursday evening and competing in various challenges as part of some problem solving work that were doing as a group. I stayed for dinner and was delighted to be able to see how well they were all settled in!

The children were all happy and many informed me that they were having an amazing time. I was unsurprised to hear that they were particularly enjoying the food and that some of them they were excited to find out what was in their small mammal hotels that they will be opening tomorrow.

Please be understanding when it comes to viewing  photos of what has been going on at the centre. The wifi connection is not good and the staff are using 4G which is  very slow  when uploading photos.  

Rest assured that the children are having a wonderful time and seemed happy and excited about the trip.



We have had our final full day at Stubbington. It has been a brilliant week and the children have all shown amazing teamwork, perseverance, determination and independence. Today our groups took part in the eggstreme challenge, mammal hotels, earthquake, shelter building and orienteering. Please ask your children all about these activities when they return (they are going to be tired!!).  They have also developed amazing tidying skills-their bedrooms have been spotless. 


As I am writing this, the excitement is building for our final night and the Stubbington show where all of our groups will perform a song. 


We have had a great week and will leave here with new skills, new friendships, and memories. 

Stubbington parents powerpoint 2019