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This page will contain some activities for you to try out, based on our art, topic and science.  We will try and upload a new activity each week.

Remember all of these activities can be completed in your home-school books, or on paper.  Pictures of your art can be stuck into you home-school book.  

Enjoy the activities and have fun with them. 

Art - Week Beginning 30th March

This week we would like you be illustrators! Have fun and don't forget you can send any pictures into the school office to go onto the website.

Science - Week Beginning 30th March

The next part of our science unit is about eating a healthy diet and the impact this has on our bodies.

Read the 'Task' sheet so you know what to do.

If you want to print off the 'Balanced Diet Table', use the pdf version (it is quicker).  If you want to fill the table in on the computer, use the 'Word' version.

You can do the same for the food diary.


Remember, a balanced diet can include treats too!


Art - Week Beginning 23rd March
Science - Week Beginning 23rd March

The next part of our unit was going to be about how the respiratory system works and we were going to investigate our lung capacity.

I have found a couple of video clips that help to explain how the lungs work.  Please watch them and then answer the questions on the sheet.

There are then some challenges for you to try out.

If you do decide to do the balloon experiment, think about how we carry out our investigations in class - you may want to draw a results table.  You must be VERY careful with balloons, especially at this time (read the instructions and you will see why...).  Have fun!

Here are some science links which are about our topic 'Animals and Humans'.  You covered digestion in year 4 so some links are a little revision of previous learning.