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Week Beginning 30th March

Unit: Free Writing

Your task this week is to complete your free write task.

You have had a homework task this half term to prepare for this so you should have completed research and planning and be ready to write.  If you need to have another look at the homework task, you can find it below.  Make sure you are fully prepared for writing.

Follow the task sheet so that you know what you are expected to do each day.

There is also a handy 'tips' sheet to help you with your writing task.

Enjoy!  You have chosen what you want to write about so enjoy writing it and show us what you can do!


Week Beginning 23rd March

Unit: Narrative Writing

Your task this week is based around a video clip called 'Road's End' which is an animation on a website called 'Literacy Shed'.  You can follow the link below.

Make sure you open the 'Road's End' pdf as this will tell you what your tasks are for each day.

Week Beginning 16th March

Unit:  News Reports


Please follow the instruction pdf which will talk you through some activities to complete before you plan your writing.  

Your task is to write a news report in the style of a Newsround reporter based on the refugee work we have been doing in class.


When you have finished the first tasks,  complete your planning using the planning sheet below.

Once you are sure you have everything you need, produce your piece of news writing.  Remember to edit it carefully so that it is the best you can produce :-)