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Our School Council

At Hatch Warren we believe strongly that pupil voice needs to be heard; our School Council provides an exciting opportunity for all children to be part of decisions made in our school. It builds children's confidence and encourages effective communication in decision making.


The Election Process

At the beginning of each academic year, our School Council is elected democratically within the first half term.  Children who wish to be on the council have to prepare a talk to persuade their class they are the best representative for them.  Our School Council officers help to run our Polling Station where each child in the school votes anonymously for the two pupils  from their class who they believe will successfully represent their views and opinions. The votes are then counted and our representatives receive a badge in assembly.  


‘UN Convention on the Rights of Children Article 12:  Children have the right to say what they think should happen, when adults are making decisions that affect them, and to have their opinions taken into account’


How our School Council works


The School Council meets on a regular basis and discusses suggestions, ideas and opinions from the school community.  For example, our children democratically make decisions on which charities they support (local, national and international).  In addition, they share and discuss matters that will improve their school environment, as well as how we can develop community links. 


2015-16 School Council

- identified the need for a whole school approach when children are given rewards: gained ideas from their classes and gathered possible actions; discussed the ideas as a whole School Council; voted for what they considered to be the best solution for our school. The result: House Point system established.


- House group naming: school council members spoke to their classes and gathered ideas for possible house names.  Brought their ideas back to a school council meeting and decided to link them to our Growth Mindset work. We had long discussions about potential names and decided that it would be good to name them after famous people who have demonstrated resilience and perseverance in different areas: Farah, Gershwin, Newton, Rowling.


- when creating our school motto the school council gathered ideas from staff and pupils in order to create a motto which fits our school: Inspire, Believe, Persevere, Achieve


- identified an area in the school which needed improving: the library.  Designs were drawn up and the School Council looked at them and made suggestions. The new school library is being fitted at the end of October.


- the School Council gathered ideas for our charities for the year and voted: Basingstoke Foodbank (local), Macmillan (National) through our Race for Life event,  


- helped with the design of our new webpage





School council project 2017

School council project 2017 1
School council project 2017 2
School council project 2017 3
School council project 2017 4
School council project 2017 5
School council project 2017 6
School council project 2017 7
School Council elections 2016-17
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School council elections have been taking place this week.



School Council 2015-16

Our School Council this year has made lots of changes!  We meet every week and discuss issues as well as plan activities and events. 


In the Autumn term we led the harvest celebration and decided that as a school we would collect food for the Basingstoke Foodbank.  This was a great success as we raised 301kg of food.


One of our biggest changes was bringing in the house point system. We consulted with classes and decided on the names: Rowling, Newton, Farah and Gershwin. Since then we have used house points across the whole school to celebrate achievements. We have also discussed with our classes the school motto which is now a big part of our school (you will find it on our front page.)  This term we are going to compete against each other in inter house tournaments.


In the summer term our big fundraising activity is going to be planning and organising the Race for Life here at school on Friday 8th July.


Picture 1
We have identified the library as an area we would like to improve. We would like the library to promote a love of reading and to be a more enjoyable environment.