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Year 6

Visit the children's tab of the website to find out more about what the children got up to on their year 6 residential 2017 - PGL.

Welcome to Year 6!

In Year 6, our teachers are Mrs Thomas (Year 6 Team Leader), Mr Finklaire and Mrs Hagger. We are also supported by our dedicated Learning Support Assistants (LSAs): Mr Norgrove, Mrs Friar, Mrs Rumpus, Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Dodgson, Mrs Kundi, Mrs Burgess and Mrs Juliff.  They support us most mornings in and out of the classroom.

General Information:

PE days:  this half term, outdoor PE will be on Monday and Friday.  Please make sure you have appropriate kit and that all kit is named.

Spellings given out on Wednesdays.  Spelling tests on Mondays.

Literacy homework given out on Wednesdays and maths on Thursdays.  All homework is due on a Monday.


Each week the children will have two sessions of PE - one indoor session and one outdoor session. As ever, we ask that children have their PE kits in school on Monday and take them home on a Friday. This is because our PE days can change depending on the weather or to fit around other events in school. Please ensure all items are named and that the children have a full change of clothes. For more information about PE kits, please see our school uniform section.  As the children in Year 6 are growing up, we do encourage them to bring in and wear deodorant.  However, due to changing areas and children with asthma, we do not allow spray deodorants in school.

Y6 Topic Webs 2017-2018

Year 6 Homework Guide 2017/2018

Please find below a document which outlines the expectations for Year 6.

Our Trip to London

On Friday 15th June, we travelled up to London to visit the Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre.  In the morning, we spent some time looking at some of the famous paintings and sculptures in the Tate Modern, thinking about how the pictures made us feel, what our thoughts were about them and what we liked/disliked about them.  In the afternoon, we were given a tour of the Globe Theatre which was followed by a workshop session with an actor who specialises in Shakespeare plays.  The children had a fantastic day - lots learnt and the sun shone!

Pictures to follow...

Science Week - Brighton Hill Visit.

Year 6 visited Brighton Hill on Monday for a science lesson run by the Year 10 students.  We rubbed a cotton bud on the inside of our cheek and then we swabbed it onto a slide. The Year 10 students showed us how to use the microscope to see what our cheek cells looked like. We noticed that there were lots of cells on the slide and we learnt that each one contains a nucleus. Some of us were very surprised that we have cells all over our bodies! 

Fun Science Experiments!

Year 6 spent an afternoon tackling some fun short science experiments.

Mrs Hagger led each class with an experiment called 'Psychic Paper.'

The children had a piece of paper and a pencil.

The paper was folded and balanced on the pencil tip.

Heat from the our hands then rose to move the paper!


With Mrs Thomas the children carried out an experiment called 'Mirror, Mirror.' By holding a mirror against their noses and looking across at a friend the children made parts of their friend disappear!


Mr Finklaire asked the children to wear a party hat over their eyes for an experiment called 'Clumsy Catching.' The children were asked to catch a bean bag thrown by a partner whilst they wore the hat! They found that the hat disrupted their binocular vision and catching was much harder!


Wild Science.

Sarah from 'Wild Science' bought some animals into school to share with each class. In Y6 children learnt about how four animals have evolved to adapt to their habitats. We met Rosie the tarantula, Kermit the tree frog ,Martha the snake and a desert gerbil. We were really surprised about how gentle Rosie was and how warm Martha was !


SATs Parent Meeting

Please find below a link to our presentation from our SATs parent meeting on Tuesday 16th January.  This contains useful information about what the SATs are for Year 6 and how we will be preparing the children for their tests in May. 

Please note that SATs for Year 6 take place from Monday 14th May - Thursday 17th May 2018.


In October, the Year 6 children went to Osmington Bay PGL for their residential.  To find out more, look on the 'Residentials' tab in the 'Children' section!


Pre-Visit Information:

Please find below a link to the kit list for the trip as well as the medical consent form and the medicines form.  If you were unable to attend the parent meeting, the PowerPoint from the meeting can also be found below.


The children will be outside for virtually all of the activities.  They may also be getting rather wet and muddy.  Please do not go out and buy lots of new clothes!  They will need plenty of old clothes that they can get active and mucky in.  Evening activities are also likely to be outside - there will be no need for the children to bring any smart evening or party clothes!


There is no need to bring bedding.  All bedding is provided at the centre.  Children will however need towels (2 would be ideal as they may need one if they get wet during activities!).


If you have any further questions, please speak to Mrs Thomas or Mr Finklaire.

Final Information for PGL trip 9th - 13th October 2017