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Apps to look out for


Group me

An online group messaging app which allows users to send text, images and share videos with each other in seconds. Users can add friends by either their phone number or email address. 

Age restriction: 4+

My world

A social networking site which allows users to post photos straight from their photo library. Also includes games and browsing features which allows users to search for their interest. 

Age restriction: 12+

Tango live stream

Age restriction: 17+


Similar to, MuStar allows users to lip sync their favourite songs and post it for the world to see in an attempt to gain likes and followers. Unless privacy settings are reviewed, followers can be anyone from around the world.

Age restriction: 4+


Houseparty is a video chatting app that's pretty open. Friends can communicate with each other through live video and texts in chat groups. There's no screening and the video is live. Users can send links via chat and even take screenshots. There's also nothing keeping friends of friends joining groups where they may only know one person.

Age restriction: 7+

This app allows users to interact in a question-and-answer format — with friends, peers, and anonymous users alike. 

Age restriction: 13+


The general advice is to sit down with your child and find out which apps they are using, how they work, and whether they have experienced any issues on them, such as cyber bullying  or contact from strangers. Look into apps that help you monitor your child's online. 

Make a rule that your child must ask for permission before downloading any apps — even free ones — just so you're aware of them. When your child wants to join a new social media platform, go through the security settings together to choose the ones you're most comfortable with. Advise your child not to share passwords with anyone, including best friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends.