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Welcome to our Governors’ section. 


Our Governing Body is composed of unpaid volunteers who have agreed to support and challenge the work of the school under the head teacher’s leadership. Governors represent various interest groups as defined by law. We meet as a full governing body twice each term with our committees overseeing finance management, resources and curriculum meeting at least once a term. From time to time working parties are convened to undertake a particular task, such as self-evaluation. Governors also monitor the work of the school through visiting classes and attending school events.

We operate a three committee structure: Standards, which looks at curriculum based activities in school; Resources, which deals with financial aspects of school life and health and safety and premises and the Pay committee.


Register of Governors' Interests

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Register of Governors' Details

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Governor Attendance 2018-19

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Governor Attendance 2017-18

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Governor Attendance 2016-17

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Minutes of Governing body meetings


Minutes for governing body meetings are available to parents on request. If you would like to see a copy of minutes to governing body meetings please put your request in writing and direct it to the chair of governors. This may be submitted through the school office.