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School day timings

A before school club is run by an external provider and they make use of the school hall from 8.45 until the start of the school day.


The school day starts at 9am although we welcome children into school from 8.40am onwards when the classroom doors are opened and the children can come in to start their early work.


Break time is at 10.30am and lasts until 10.50.


Lunchtime runs from 12.15pm until 1.10pm


The day ends at 3.30pm when the children are dismissed from their classes.


If they are attending an after school club this will finish at either 4.15pm or 4.30 depending on the club.


We would ask parents to ensure that children do not arrive in school before 8.40 and that they ensure the children leave the site promptly at the end of the day if they are not accompanied by their parents.