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Year 6 - other information

Welcome to Year 6!

Looking for work to complete at home while the school is shut? Please see the link below.

Year 6 information

This year in Year 6, our teachers are Mrs Thomas (Year 6 Team Leader), Mrs Hagger and Miss Krawiec. We are also supported by our dedicated Learning Support Assistants (LSAs): Mr Norgrove, Mrs Friar, Mrs Dodgson and Miss Grainger.  They support us most mornings in and out of the classroom.


Please note:

PE days will be Mondays (indoors) and Thursdays (outdoors) for Spring 2.  Children should wear correct PE kit (plain red or white t shirt, black shorts for inside with black or dark blue tracksuit trousers for outside).

Year 6 Spring Topic Web 2020 plus Homework guide

Year six residential trip November 2020

Please find below a link to the slide show from the parent information meeting about the new year six residential planned for November 2020.

Year 6 SATs Parent Information Evening

On Tuesday 21st January, we ran a parent meeting to explain what the SATs tests are, how we prepare the children for these assessments in school and how parents can help.

Please find below a pdf of the presentation.  If you have any questions, please come and speak to one of the year six team who would be happy to help you and give further advice.

Rainforest Animal Art

In our art lessons this week, we have continued working on our rainforest animal pictures.  We have looked at the work of the French artist, Henri Rousseau and have created some large leaves using oil pastels ready for our class displays.  The children have also chosen an animal to recreate using oil pastels - they have been working on blending techniques and making sure that all of the paper is covered!  Take a look at some examples of the finished pictures.  When the displays are complete, we will post some more pictures!

Science Week in Year 6 - Wild Science Visited!

Each class had a session with our 'Wild Science' visitor.  She brought a selection of creatures for us to look at and we talked about what type of animals they were and how their bodies functioned including their circulatory and digestive systems.  We could choose if we touched them or not!  Our visitors included a very cute rabbit, a corn snake and a giant cockroach.  We really enjoyed seeing the creatures!

Year 6 went to the QMC Science Centre!

All the year six classes have now been to the QMC Science Centre to learn all about light.  The children were able to experiment with using mirrors to reflect light around a maze and they found out what refraction is.  They also made pin-hole cameras and investigated how light travels in straight lines.  The Science Centre is a great resource because we can do experiments that are too difficult to do in school - we just can't get our classrooms dark enough and the light boxes we used show a really clear light beam.  The children really enjoyed their visit and will be concluding their science unit next week during Science Week!

Hampshire Fire & Rescue Workshops
Picture 1
Picture 2

On Thursday 14th November, each year 6 class had a workshop with the Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service.  The children were absolutely fantastic and learned a lot during the session.

Some things we talked about and gave us food for thought:

- hazards in the home that could cause fires (hair straighteners, overloaded plugs and extension leads, split cables or broken chargers)

- don't charge your mobile phone under your pillow!  It can overheat and cause a fire

- you should have a smoke alarm at least on each level of your house.  The battery should be changed once a year, it should be hoovered regularly and you should test them every week

- how dangerous fire is, how quickly it can spread and how serious arson is

- how to make an escape plan for your home.

The most common cause of house fires is electrical equipment and the most common place for a fire to start is in the kitchen.


Ancient Greeks - Outcome Event

A massive THANK YOU! to all the parents and grandparents who came to our topic outcome event on Thursday 7th November.  It was great to see all of the children enjoying sharing their work with their families and teaching them how to draw figures in action.  

We hope you enjoyed finding out what the children have been doing during their topic.

PGL Residential

Week beginning 14th October 2019

Pictures and information from the amazing PGL week can be found in the PGL Residential tab.

While the others are at PGL...

So, while the others are at PGL this week, we have been very busy here in school!  We are working around a theme of 'natural disasters' and 'survival' so this afternoon, we have started making our 'working' models of volcanoes and tsunamis.  Mrs Thomas is proud to announce that she has survived the building activities this afternoon and that the classroom is semi-intact!!  Here are some pictures of the models in progress (we are sure they will look a little more realistic by the time we get to Friday and we get to blow them up!). 

Year 6 Greek Day

On Friday 13th September, the children took part in a workshop run by Ufton Court on the Road.  This was an excellent day where the children learned all about Ancient Greek artefacts, the different city-states, trading and myths.  In the classrooms, the children were looking at the pictures on Greek pots and were learning how to draw figures in action.  A great day!

Here's a selection of pictures from the day...