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Subject Leader : Mr A Finklaire


Science Vision Statement.

At Hatch Warren Junior School we recognise the vital role that science plays in our everyday lives and helping to develop the world we live in. Through the delivery of practical, engaging scientific investigation the children will pursue their natural curiosity and develop a love of enquiry.  The statutory elements of The National Curriculum will be covered using The Hampshire Science Team's guidance. This model starts by looking at essential prior and new knowledge that children need to learn in each science unit. Most importantly, this then quickly moves to the children carrying out their own investigative, problem solving experiments.


They will experience and investigate scientific phenomena, in a range of contexts, to ensure a continually evolving knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Our children will be encouraged to:

  • Ask questions.

  • Take risks.

  • Make and learn from mistakes in a safe environment.
  • Acquire and apply core skills which equip them for an ever-changing world.


 Wherever possible science will be taught through real life experiences promoting curiosity and engagement

Children will develop confidence in planning, (including consideration of variables) and collaboratively record their findings in a variety of ways including with the use of ICT. They will draw reasoned conclusions about what they notice and will independently question their findings. Where needed they will test further and modify their experiments.

Children will therefore build a clearer understanding of the physical and natural world around them, recognising the essential concepts of physics, chemistry and biology. They will gain familiarity with and use the appropriate related technical vocabulary.

Whenever pertinent, links will be made to the maths and literacy curriculums. (E.g. creating and analysing graphs, writing explanatory texts.)

They will be inspired to investigate and learn about established scientific facts and theories, keep up to date with current developments in science and recognise the importance and place of science in their world.

Science Policy


Science Week

Science Week 1 Practical science at Brighton Hill School.
Science Week 2 Practical science at Brighton Hill School.
Science Week 3 Practical science at Brighton Hill School.
Science Week 4 Fooling our brains with mirrors.
Science Week 5 Using heat to spin paper.
Science Week 6 We welcomed a visitor from 'Wild Science.'
Science Week 7 More from 'Wild Science.'

Queen Mary's College Science Centre.


Queen Mary's College Science Centre is a purpose built classroom and self-contained outdoor study garden at our local sixth form college. It is used solely by local infant and junior schools providing facilities and equipment to support the national curriculum units that we study. Y3 recently visited to carry out experiments on magnetism.



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