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Art and Design

Subject leader: Mrs Hagger

A vision statement for Art

In art we aim to foster a love of learning, enabling children to explore their ideas and record their experiences. It provides the opportunity to respond creatively in other areas of the curriculum, making links between different subjects. We aim to develop a whole school approach to art which ensures continuity and progression and which develops both skills and creativity.



  • Promote effective learning art allowing pupils to communicate their ideas in a creative manner.

  • Develop the use of sketch books to record the children’s responses and progress.

  • Develop art through observation, memory and imagination.

  • Develop skills in drawing, painting, print making, sculpture and other craft and design techniques.

  • Give children opportunities to practise skills, with appropriate modelling given.

  • Give children opportunities to look at the work of other artists from different cultures and historical periods.


Key art documentation