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Our School Council

At Hatch Warren we believe strongly that pupil voice needs to be heard; our School Council provides an exciting opportunity for all children to be part of decisions made in our school. It builds children's confidence and encourages effective communication in decision making.


The Election Process

At the beginning of each academic year, our School Council is elected democratically within the first half term.  Children who wish to be on the council have to prepare a talk to persuade their class they are the best representative for them.  Our School Council officers help to run our Polling Station where each child in the school votes anonymously for the two pupils  from their class who they believe will successfully represent their views and opinions. The votes are then counted and our representatives receive a badge in assembly.  


‘UN Convention on the Rights of Children Article 12:  Children have the right to say what they think should happen, when adults are making decisions that affect them, and to have their opinions taken into account’


How our School Council works


The School Council meets on a regular basis and discusses suggestions, ideas and opinions from the school community.  For example, our children democratically make decisions on which charities they support (local, national and international).  In addition, they share and discuss matters that will improve their school environment, as well as how we can develop community links. 



School Council 2019-2020

We want to build on the work of the previous school council who managed to raise enough money to purchase a scooter rack which was installed over the summer. Our first decisions are going to be: which charities will the school support this year, what wet play toys would each class like, what areas of the school do we think need to be improved.

Our school council has already been elected and we can't wait to get started!

Previous school council projects:

All of our ideas have come from discussions with our classes. The process often involves writing a letter to Mr Dawson, Mrs Callow or Mrs Ryan. We manage a small school budget.

- An outside clock as requested by classes so that children know what time it is if they need to come in at lunchtime

- Starting the house system in the school. Classes suggested it would be a good way to reward children. The school council then asked governors, staff and children to name the houses which they wanted to be a variety of people who have demonstrated a growth mindset in what they do. Every child in the school was then put into a house and they collect rewards which are announced in assembly on a Friday and a cup is given out

- Agreeing a school motto by talking to staff, governors and children: Inspire, Believe, Persevere, Achieve

- Working with a member of staff to design and start "Growth Mindset" certificates which are given out in assembly on a Friday

- Organising a Race for Life around the school grounds

- Working with the council to investigate air pollution around the school site

- Identifying the "Welcome" area at the front of the school needed to be more welcoming! School council visited the local garden centre to get advice for the piece of land, planted it and layered stones on top

- Classes said they would like a scooter rack so the school council organised an Easter challenge day and raised enough money to purchase and install a scooter rack outside our school

- Designing a new library for the school

- Designing and meeting with a company who drew new lines on our playground

- Meeting local charities and deciding who to fundraise for (RSPCA and Foodbank)

- Initiating the idea of a school MUGA and fundraising

- Starting an eco-council in the school

- Working with the JRSOs to design road safety signs which are on display outside our school

Investigating the possibility of installing a scooter rack

Air Pollution Investigation 2018

School council project 2017