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Design Technology

Subject Leader - Mr Harber


Design and Technology Vision Statement

At Hatch Warren Juniors, we aim to teach design and technology using creative and practical activities which create enthusiasm and enjoyment for the children. We also aim to build on learning opportunities that are common across subjects such as PSHE, maths, literacy and science. Pupils are taught to use research to help them make innovative and appealing products. They are also taught to make and evaluate their designs in a way that fosters creativity and independent learning. Finally we believe that design and technology offers our pupils the chance to inspire, believe, persevere and achieve whilst having fun in a safe environment.

Subject Overview by Year Group

Design and Technology skills progression

Design and Technology Policy

Year 3 - using shell structures to design, make and evaluate desk tidies to help them with their homework

Year 6 - using electric circuits to make alarms

Year 6 designed 3D models with moving parts to teach younger children how volcanoes erupt.

Year 3 Stone Age cooking