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Curriculum evening

We were delighted to welcome parents along to our curriculum evening on Thursday - thanks to all of those who came along. The evening provided parents with the opportunity to gain an insight into how the different areas of the curriculum are delivered.  Thanks go to the parent who emailed in this week to express their thanks for the event who had the following to say...



I particularly liked how all the subjects were covered in different rooms by the subject leaders. The activities were enjoyable and gave us a great insight into the types of things the children are expected to do over the 4 years. They were pitched at just the right level for all of us - my 5 year old particularly enjoyed making a cube with Mr Harber. I found the subject leaders to be knowledgeable about their subjects and spoke about them passionately. 
I think it was a brilliant way to show off what the children can do.
Please thank all your stall for their hard work - I'm very conscious that these events take time to plan and implement, and their efforts are most appreciated. Hopefully they found it worthwhile to do.