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Promoting the rights of the child (UNCRC) and RADE

Subject leader: Miss Krawiec


At Hatch Warren Junior School, we have started our journey to becoming a Rights Respecting school. We believe in teaching children to become rights respecting citizens within the school, the local community and the wider world. This is so we can prepare them to make positive contributions to our society and show mutual respect for one another.

We are working hard at the moment to promote The United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Child  (UNCRC). The children are taught about their rights from the convention and we are beginning to support the teaching of these rights through our broad curriculum. Through exploring this document, not only are we actively promoting Fundamental British Values, we are encouraging the acceptance of difference.


RRE through the curriculum


In September 2018, we introduced all of the children to the UNCRC document and what Rights Respecting education means. The children spent four afternoons in total discussing what rights are and how and why we have them. They then started to discuss what we need and what we want followed by any misconceptions pupils may have had. As a school, we looked at whether the rights that our children automatically have are subject to being responsible with them. All four year groups explored one of the Articles in more detail later on in the week and then ambassadors from each year group presented what they had produced in class to the rest of the school.


The Articles that the year groups looked at were:


Year 3 - Article 12 (Right to have a voice)

Year 4 - Article 16 (Right to privacy)

Year 5 - Article 24 (Right to healthcare)

Year 6 - Article 28 (Right to education)


This started our journey to becoming a Rights Respecting School.